Arena Paintball is a high octane, close quarter and fast paced game played. The game play is split into 10-15 minute games, keeping you on your toes and active the whole time.


Book as a household group to battle against each other, or share a safe and socially distanced experience with another household to see who is crowned champion!

Not quite old enough for Paintball? Check out our Splatmaster for ages 9+

Click below to see the measures we are putting in place to ensure your asfety

At a glance...


Age: 14+

Duration: 2 hours

Minimum group size: 12

Maximum group size: 18

Adult: £37

Extra paintballs: £25 for 500

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To book in, or for more information, just call 01534 638888, or email

Valley Adventure Centre, Mont a la Brune, St Brelade, JE3 8FL

Tel: 01534 638888

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