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UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 08.01.21)

Hello, and happy new year!
We're open for bookings on all activities up to a maximum of 10 participants per session / or 3 bubbles whichever occurs first.  All of our existing C19 cross infection control measures and operations will remain rigidly in place.
The reception office will be open 9am - 5pm, 7days a week for inquiries and bookings. 
Alternatively, use our "Book Now" button to view session availability and book online 24/7.  
2021 Session Times will still have the 30mins break in-between so staff can clean and reset equipment as necessary, maintain our congestion control measures of customers waiting in our outdoor customer assembly point and whist travelling on&off site via our access track. 

2021 Session Times; 
10:00 - 11:30 
12:00 - 13:30 
14:30 - 16:00 
16:30 - 18:00
Later sessions by request. 

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Kind regards, 
Valley Adventure Team


UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 19.12.20)

Following the Gov's latest report regarding a spike in cases in over 40's and the transmission of C19 indoors we've all been asked to keep Christmas Day and Boxing Day to two gatherings of up to 10 people maximum, being mindful of the elderly and the vulnerable over the festive period and to have an absolute minimum mix of people from different households indoors...

...instead, we've all been "urged to meet up with people from other households in large public spaces (for example on the beach, in parks, or in lanes)", as "prolonged contact indoors allows the respiratory droplets that can spread COVID-19 more opportunities to disperse, and infect others."

Ultimately, "minimising gatherings indoors and emphasising outside activity with a small number of non-household contacts" is the safest and most wholesome way to spend Christmas this year.

We're very fortunate to have a large outdoor centre for visitors to socially distance, enjoy their activity experience and the stunning natural surroundings of the valley. Whilst outdoor events are still being allowed, and encouraged - we'll carry on providing our services for those who need an active outdoor outlet.

In light of the recent advice, and in the best interests of our customer and staff's safety and well being - we're moving to the following site regulations today ahead of the Gov' mandate due to come into effect on the 23rd Dec;
Our four event zones on site have a 20 person max capacity.
Marquee's have a maximum of 10 persons max capacity. 
All activities will, for the foreseeable future, be limited to 3 bubbles / 10 participants.

Wherever possible, and at significant discount, we are allowing our valued customers and their bubble to have private sessions. Please call for specific booking details and requirements. 

As the Chief Minister said; "Jersey’s strength lies in its unique community spirit and we need that to shine over the next few weeks".

From all of us at Valley Adventure Centre; take care, stay safe, be mindful of your mental and physical well-being and of that of your loved ones this festive period. If there's anything we can help you with, please don't hesitate to call or email. 

All the best! 
Valley Adventure Team


UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 11.12.20)

Following the latest Gov press releases over the last 48hrs, please see below for how the new advice and regulations will impact activities at the Centre.

Until the 23rd of Dec we are still eligible to run 40 persons maximum events per event site in the Valley.
Until the 23rd of Dec - 20 persons maximum inside any of our Marquee's.
Customers are to refrain from entering the private reception office. 
Public and Staff must continue to maintain a 2m distance from other bubbles on site. 
Instructors, when required to be in a customer's close space, must complete the safety associated task within 15 minutes. (notably - all our safety tasks can be completed in under 3 minutes). 
Instructors will continue to have their face and nose covering masks present throughout the session. 
All staff members have cleared a PCR test and are on the revolving testing scheme. 

For all high ropes activities;
Aerial Trekking & Powerfan Drop, King Swing & Zip Wire, Tower Climbing and Abseiling.
The maximum participant number will remain the same per given activity, but attending bubbles will be limited to 4 different household bubbles per session time slot.
Minimum number of attendees required for us to open a session = 4
Minimum number of persons per bubble = 2

For ground based combat activities;
Paintball, Splatmaster, Archery & Axe Throwing, Laser Combat.
The maximum participant number will remain the same per given activity, but attending bubbles will be limited to; School bubbles, Household bubbles that have consistency mixed previously, and Sporting Club bubbles.
Minimum number of attendees to open any combat session remains the same. 

Kids Adventure Club;
On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of Dec children will be bubbled in groups of no more than 6. 
We reserve the right to refuse any child who shows any C19 symptoms on the day of the 'Club. 
Parents are reminded to specify if their children have been regularly mixing with other children who are also in attendance of the Adventure Club as to bubble them effectively.
Customer bookings for these days have been kept to an absolute minimum (25% of capacity). 
Children in different households bubbles will be kept 2m apart. 
Each bubble will have their own staff member's for the duration of their time on the 'Club, their bubble's own Marquee base, with heater and ample seating.
Children will have their own dedicated harness and helmet for the duration of the 'Club. 
Hand sanitising will occur; on arrival, before and after each activity, and on departure. 
Children's masks are optional. 
Hot lunches are still available to order. 

From the 23/12/20 until the 5/1/20 Festive Gathering, Gov' Regulations will be in affect; 
Our 4 event sites in the Valley will drop from 40 persons to 20 persons maximum per event site.
Our Marquee's will drop from 20 persons to 10 persons maximum inside. 
We're advising customers to be mindful of their bubbles, and if possible come in small groups of up to 5.
Groups of 5+ are still welcome, just be mindful of the Gov' advice; not to have a bubble of 6+ meet more than 3 times over the festive period. 

Festive period opening times;
Dec 25th & 26th - CLOSED 
Dec 27th - 30th - OPEN
Dec 31st - CLOSED
Jan 1st - CLOSED

Jan 2nd - Dec 25th - OPEN!!

If there's anything you'd like to know about your current booking or a future booking - please don't hesitate to call 01534 638888, 9am - 5pm, 7days a week

Take care all, keep it small, and keep it outdoors whenever possible! 
Wishing you all the very best over the festive period. 

Kind regards,
Valley Adventure Team 


UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 04.12.20)

Following the recent updated Gov' guidance; we're pleased to inform our valued customers that our specific industry advice still allows us to host outdoor events and parties to a maximum of 40persons per event.

However, our marquee's now have a 50% side reduction and have a maximum of 20persons. 

Public on site are reminded; bubbles must adhere to the 2m social distancing rule. 

We're monitoring the guidance as it's released and altering our operations accordingly, should any future guidance disrupt your booking - we'll happily reschedule or refund you.

We thank you for your continued support and hope we can carry on providing those much needed outdoor rest bites for all bubbles over the winter!

Should you have any queries - please don't hesitate to call 01534 638888. 

Kind regards, 
Valley Adventure Team  


UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 17.11.20)

Over the last two weeks, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in our Island. Subsequently, and understandably, our Government now needs to introduce further health measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all Islanders. Fortunately, at this stage, our C-19 infection control measures - for staff and customers - implemented back in March still align with the Government's latest advice this November, including having all staff members enrolled on, and passed, the 8 week PCR Testing scheme with a negative result.


Customers are reminded they are required to; 
1) Make a booking before attending site. 
(effective track and trace)

2) Arrive no more than 10 minutes before their stated session start time. 
(and wait in their designated event area as to avoid congestion in front of the cabins)

3) Sanitise their hands on arrival.

4) Refrain from entering the reception cabin.

5) Maintain a 1m distance from other bubbles on site at all times. 

6) Refrain from touching their face. 
(if done accidentally, please ask the instructor for some hand sanitiser)

7) Cough/sneeze into their elbow. 
(if done accidentally into their hands, please ask the instructor for some hand sanitiser)

8) To maintain the use of the same equipment throughout their session.
(i.e. not swapping helmets, or paintball markers)

9) Follow the instructor's and sign prompts to sanitise their hands pre&post use of equipment, and on departure please.

Staff will continue to; 
1) Sanitise their hands on arrival, before each session, after handling any equipment and on departure.
2) Maintain a 1m distance from all other staff members and customers (when not required to be performing a crucial safety role - as per industry advice - safety exercise should not exceed 15mins when within 0.5m of a customer) 
3) Wear a mouth and nose covering mask whenever within 2m of anyone. 
4) Meet, greet and sign in customers without them having to use pen and paper
5) Perform site safety briefs and orientation at a safe distance
6) Give every session group a safety brief of our C-19 infection control policy and it's key points (see above)
7) Disinfect every piece of customer PPE post use. 
8) Disinfect common touch surfaces before and after every session.
9) Have a PCR test every 8weeks, and only come to work if 100% fit to do so. 

As of the 16th November 2020 the Government has issued the following regarding gatherings;
"...Informal gatherings will be reduced from 20 to 10 people.
Funerals will be reduced from 80 to 40 people.
Gatherings requiring an organiser to carry out a risk assessment are reduced from a maximum of 40 to 20 people.
Restaurants will also be advised not to take table bookings of more than 10 - unless they have a separate room or area.
Super-spreading clusters of COVID-19 almost overwhelmingly occur in poorly ventilated, indoor environments..."

"The restrictions on numbers attending outdoor events will not change."

As per the above, and our existing industry advice - we can still run 40 persons (maximum, excluding staff) outdoor events concurrently on site. As such parties can still run for the foreseeable future. 
Please rest assured any party booking that's disrupted by future Government C-19 Control Measures will be offered a no quarrel re-schedule. 

The advanced hire of our Marquee's is still available, there is however a limit of 20persons allowed in the Marquee at any one time. 
Please advise us ahead of time should your party have more than 20 persons needing to use a Marquee during your visit - 50% of the sides can then be rolled up and the heat lamps set to full power before your arrival.   

Those arriving from a Green region must isolate until they receive a negative result from their day 0 test, those arriving from an Amber region must isolate until they receive a negative result from their day 5 test, and those arriving from a Red region must isolate until they receive a negative result from their day 10 test
Please do not attend site if you haven't had your relevant day negative test, or anyone in your family/bubble you've mixed with is still to receive theirs. 

"The risk of infection and transmission is greater for older teenagers, as recent cases have shown..." we therefore ask teenagers attending parties to be extra vigilant and are reminded to follow the modified operations in both our combat and high wire activities. 


We do not know yet what the end of this year will bring.

The Government are hopeful that the recently announced vaccine will begin to become available, and we are taking steps to ensure that this can be distributed across our community – as quickly as possible – in the New Year.
Until that happens, and until we know how effective it will be, we MUST continue to protect one another as best we can.

The Government are "encouraging a balance between the risk of infection, and the impact that prolonged social isolation may have on mental health, mobility and general fitness..."

Be mindful, don't be afraid to talk about any issues and make time for the fresh, great outdoors whenever possible! 
If you're part of an organisation who's helper's or helpee's could do with an outdoor break - don't hesitate to email or call, we could perhaps provide just the relief they need! 

Act now.
Act responsibly.
Act together as a community.

Kind regards, 
Valley Adventure Team


UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 14.10.20)

Thank you to all those who came and enjoyed themselves at the Centre under our new C19 policy and operations - we've thoroughly enjoyed having you all back down the Centre!
It's been great to able to carry on providing our unique high rope & combat experiences and to see everyone having some well over-due fun this summer!!

As we move into Autumn, we move into Party Weekend season and After-Dark glow stick lit activities!
Please note; we may have to reduce some activity's capacities by as much as 50% depending on the near future Gov' advice... Book early to avoid disappointment!

Update for 'green' arrivals; now turnaround times for test results at our On-Island-Lab can be provided within an average of 12 hours, anyone arriving from green regions must self-isolate until they receive a Day 0 negative result. 
Please be mindful of where you go and how you social distance until your mandatory second test at Day 5.
To any 'green' arrivals wishing to visit the Centre or participate in an activity - we require documentation of your Day 5 negative test before you may come on site. 

With the borders due to close by 'default' later this week - anyone from overseas who has activity reservations are advised to call upon confirmation of the borders closing. 

Locals with activity reservations - please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the stated start time, and are kindly asked to refrain from entering the Reception Cabin - we'll come to greet you and register your arrival, please then wait in the assigned zone on site for your activity's Instructor to greet and brief you. 

Worth checking out; the new Gov' C19 alert app

Lets stay safe. Stay outdoors. Stay smiling! 

All the very best this Autumn,  
Valley Adventure Team 




UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 26.07.20)

For off-island visitors wishing to come to the Centre this summer, please see the Gov' Country Classification List in this link; 

GREEN status visitors - please bring/send documentation of your negative PCR test for our records. 
AMBER status visitors - please wait 5days for your 2nd negative PCR test and then send/bring documentation for our records.
RED status visitors - please self isolate for the mandatory 14days, then send documentation of a negative test prior.

As per Gov' advice - under 11yr olds do not require a test.

Let's stay safe whilst we have some long overdue fun this summer!

Kind regards,
Valley Adventure Team





UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 04.07.20)

Jersey's borders are now open!
We love to have visitors from near and far to the Centre, but in order to keep everyone as safe as possible this season - if you're arriving from outside of Jersey, as per Gov' advice, please provide documentary evidence of a negative PCR test before arriving at the Centre.
If you're arriving from outside the island and have decided to be swab-tested at the airport or harbour, then please refrain from coming to the Centre while waiting for the results.  

Kind regards,
Valley Adventure Team




UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 01.07.20)

We've taken some time to evaluate the latest Gov' guidelines/advice and what it means for the Centre's operations, thank you for your patience.
In brief; 
We're fully open, with a site capacity of 40 persons.
We're open for parties (site capacity dependent, please call & book in advance).
We're open for all harnessed activities (with limitations on the number of attending bubbles, please call & book in advance).
Some activity specific equipment will only be available for use/bookings every 3 days (again, please call ahead to avoid disappointment). 
We aren't requiring customers to wear masks, but instructors will continue to do so whenever within 2m of of customers. 

1) Please do not attend if you or anyone in your bubble is showing flu like symptoms, inc the new continuous cough.
(A continuous cough is defined as coughing a lot, for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours.)
2) Please sanitise your hands on arrival.
4) Please keep a minimum of 1m distance from Instructors and other bubbles whilst on site and participating in activities.
5) Please sanitise your hands before and after touching equipment and PPE (your instructor will advise you when this is necessary) 
6) Please avoid touching your face (if you touch your face whilst on an activity, we have to stop the activity and wipe down everything you touched on your way back to the safe zone part of the activity) 
7) We're still advising you go before come down to the Centre, but if the situation arises - we now have a dedicated customer toilet, please use the blue sanitising wipes provided to clean any points of contact and put it in the separate bin provided. Toilets are disinfected floor to ceiling and then power washed clean every evening. 

The Gov advised 1m distance must be kept at all possible times please, the Gov says if a person must enter another close space - within 0.5m - it must not be for more than 15mins. Please keep 1m from Instructors and other customer 'bubbles' alike.
Entry into a customers or instructors close space (within 0.5m) will only be made for necessary safety procedures. These procedures do not exceed more than 3minutes per person. 

Safety procedures where an instructor will be within 0.5m;
1) Harnessing - 1min to 2mins max per person. 
2) Attachment to safety systems - 30secs on Aerial Trekking and Powerfan, 1min on Zipwire, to 3mins max on King Swing. 

We are running this summer's Adventure Club in 2 bubbles; one for full week attendees, and another for part week attendees.
Children's bubble allocation will be identified by a fluorescent colored arm band.
Each bubble will be assigned the same instructors at a ratio of 1:6 for the week. 
Lunch area will be zoned, with extra picnic tables and shelter provided.
The children will do the same activities, for the same duration, just 10mins apart to allow for disinfectant procedures.
The children will have their own dedicated PPE (i.e harness) for the duration of their Adventure week/part week.
An email will go out to all attendees parents 2 days before - please advise if your child is at all unwell. 

Please pay attention to the numerous signs around site. 
If you require hand santiser on an activity - the instructor carries a portable alcohol solution. Otherwise there are fixed solutions in both cabins, in the tower, by the toilets, in the marquees and on the greeting fence. 
If you have ingrained dirt and require soap and running water - you can wash your hands at the toilets, at the front of the cabin and at the paintball arena gate.

If you have any questions regarding our C19 infection control policy, please email the Centre Manager.
Or ask any member of staff on site for the hard-copy.

Thank you all, we look forward to seeing you again soon!
Valley Adventure Team


UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 22.05.20)


We are confident that as an outdoor centre we can limit close contact between customers, and the risk of infection will be low.

With the current guidance we are able to open a small range of activities (Laser Combat, Splatmaster, Paintball and Archery) with the following procedures and changes in place:

- All bookings must be made in household groups of up to 2 groups per session (if a booking is made for two groups it will be agreed between the households. Private sessions for one household are also available)

- If a booking is made for two households, they will be on opposing teams, and will maintain physical distance at all times

- Customers will be greeted by their instructor who will be their sole contact at the centre. A minimum of 2m will be kept at all times between separate households, and the Centre staff

- Customers are asked to wash hands on arrival, and hand sanitiser is located for customer use at various points, plus a mobile sanitiser unit to be take to the activity area

- Customers are asked not to come to the centre if they, or anyone in their household, are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, or have received a positive test in the last 14 days (including household members not present at the activity)

- Equipment will be allocated to participants at the beginning of the session, and will not be swapped within or between groups.

- Activity equipment will be disinfected with appropriate solutions between each use

- Touch points and surfaces will be cleaned at multiple points during the day

- Advice posters issued by the Government of Jersey will be on display around the centre

- Limit of 2 activities in different areas of the centre running per session

These procedures will be ammended and updated as and when necessary, and in accordance with all Government advice. Our full infection control policy can be viewed upon request.


As an outdoor centre we are in a good position to limit the spread of infection, as our activities allow plenty of space between all customers, with the above rules in place.



Parties involving multiple households are unfortunately not yet permitted. An alternative to a children's party is our household vs household battles



Currently Our Kid’s Adventure Club is cancelled for May, and is under review for the Summer.



Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds frequently throughout the day, or use hand sanitiser where hand washing is not possible.

If you have recently been off island or have any symptoms please contact the office to reschedule your visit for a later date


We are monitoring the news closely and will keep you all informed over the coming weeks. We would like to thank you all for your continued support, and hope to see you all soon


Thank you

The Valley Adventure Team


UPDATE ON COVID-19 PROCEDURES (updated 19.03.20)


With the current concerns about COVID-19, we want to keep all our customers up to date with the latest advise and protocols, along with the measure we are implementing at the centre.

The well being of our customers, staff and all Jersey citizens and visitors is our highest priority, and we are taking every step to reduce risk as much as possible.

Our protocols will be reviewed daily in line with any changes in guidance, and any changes necessary will be made with immediate effect.

We are confident that as an outdoor centre we can limit close contact between customers, and the risk of infection will be low.

With immediate effect we have implemented the following

  • Hand sanitiser units have been installed in key areas, including before customers handle equipment

  • Staff running sessions will carry pocket hand sanitisers for anyone who requires another dose

  • All equipment has been cleaned using appropriate cleaning solutions, and will be cleaned between uses.

  • Staff will have access to hand sanitiser before handing equipment out to customers

  • Touch points and surfaces will be cleaned multiple times a day

  • Blue roll available to dry hands kept by the hand washing station

  • Advice posters issued by the Government of Jersey will be on display around the centre

  • Limit of 12 people per activity (excluding Paintball)

  • Limit of 2 activities in different areas of the centre running per session

  • Advising customers over 65 to not attend the centre

  • Ensuring that those coming to the centre have not been to one of the listed countries in the last 14 days, or have not been requested to self-isolate for any other reason



As an outdoor centre we are in a good position to limit the spread of infection, as our activities allow plenty of space between all customers. We are continuing to take bookings for open session experiences, parties and Kid’s Club.



Our parties and group bookings will not be affected, as the nature of the activities means close contact can be avoided. All equipment will be cleaned between parties.



Currently Our Kid’s Adventure Club will go ahead as planned, unless Government advice changes. The children will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly, and hand sanitiser will be available to them. Group size will be limited. Due to the nature of the activities close contact can be avoided. We will be contacting all camp parents is in the week before camp if there are any changes we will need to put in place.



Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds frequently throughout the day, or use hand sanitiser where hand washing is not possible.

If you have recently been off island or have any symptoms please contact the office to reschedule your visit for a later date


We are monitoring the news closely and will keep you all informed over the coming weeks. We would like to thank you all for your continued support, and hope to see you all soon


Thank you

The Valley Adventure Team

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