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Valley adventure centre Green Tourism Action Plan 2016/2017

At Valley Adventure Centre we have implemented numerous procedures to ensure our dedication to environmentally friendly business practice. We are always striving to uphold plans already in place, as well as improve the following measures.

New initiatives for 2016/17

- Cycle to Work incentive scheme for staff members

- Bug Hotel to be installed at Centre in April – Promote on Social Media

- Incorporate Hibernacullum/Hidy Hole building in Educational Bushcraft/Enviroment product

- Log piles placed in SSSI as bug and toad habitats. Every time we have to cut branches from trees make more of these.

- Chalk board on mid cabin gate to record wildlife sightings

- 30 new saplings to be planted in identified area of SSSI. Nurture Ecology to carry out work.

- Wild flower seed mixes to be spread around areas containing new trees and in borders of SSSI to promote growth and discourage brambles and bracken. This will be a long-term project that will need ongoing monitoring.

- Bee Safes. To be installed in SE facing. Wild flower seeds to be spread nearby. To consult with Eden about what more we can do to develop this. To incorporate this into Educational activities and Bushcraft product.

- Les Amis recycling collection service. Talk to them about how to get involved.

- Develop idea of Party Bottles (as party bags option) and re-usable bottles as giveaway to Campers to encourage use of refillable bottles

- Lighting plan to be finished by end of March 2017 - Use of LED lighting on site

- Bird Boxes to be checked and restored by Nurture Ecology

- Contact Ani Binet regarding a bat survey and re-evaluation of our bat boxes



Ongoing Initiatives



- Use eco cleaning products (Ecover) and recycled bin liners

- Fill kettle only to necessary level

- Print documents only when necessary, use recycled paper

- Reminder signs to turn off lights, heater, fan, tap, etc.

- Low voltage lighting

- Insulation installed in roof

- Recycle all paper and plastic bottles – Encourage customers to recycle

- Customers encouraged to bring own water bottles – Encourage to refill and use non-plastic alternatives

- Employees encouraged to cycle, get the bus, or car share to work – As above

- Computer set to standby after 10 minutes of being inactive

- Computer and printers turned off at night


- Website includes environment page, links to environment-related sites, Environmental Policy and Action Plan downloads, link to Green Tourism accredited hotels – Keep this updated as well as on social media

- Environmental education included in Bushcraft, Nature and History walks, Orienteering and Holiday Adventure Camps – Keep related staff updated on environmental issues

- Marketing materials and website depict public transport routes to the Centre

- E-newsletter sent out to reduce paper based marketing – Include ‘green’ issues

- Continual monitoring and updating of green management file

- Rechargeable batteries used

- LED light bulbs

- Educational partners of the ‘Leave No Trace’ organisation

- ‘Eco-Active’ Business scheme Level 3 Leader award

- Keep record of reptile/amphibian sightings and have identification charts –Promote recording of sightings for Environment Dept.

- 5% discount offered to customers using public transport/cycling – Promote


- Bus timetables available and bus stop nearby

- Energy use stringently controlled and incredibly low

- Commitment to allowing as many people as possible to experience outdoor

activities – including those with disabilities – and give special rates to youth groups and charities

- Educate new staff on our environmental policy

- Ensure any new office equipment is as energy efficient/eco-friendly as possible

- Use HP ink cartridges which have environmental commitment – Could source vegetable-based when readily available



- Planting of over 1,000 indigenous trees as well as native plant species – Ensure well maintained

- Recycled pallet boards used as pathway covers throughout the site (bark chippings)

- Provide wildlife habitats, including large duck pond – Ensure well maintained

- All timber used is sustainable – FSC certified forest

- Biodegradable paint used

- Great accessibility to nature as activities run outdoors

- Bio degradable paintballs sourced

- Site banks sown with grasses native to the area

- Educational interpretation boards erected round site for visitor information

- Compost piles created of green waste

- Regular litter picks conducted onsite

- Installed bicycle rack for staff and visitors from reclaimed wood - Promote further

- Positioning of 30 bat/bird boxes - Monitor

- Building of 12 reptile habitats - Monitor

- Waste is recycled

- No Smoking on site

- Portable toilets use rainwater top up

- Plan to install electricity and water meters on site to enable easier and more regular monitoring and analysis for ways to reduce usage